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Support That Makes a Difference

Wandering Traveler

Social Skills Groups

Individual sessions are used to assess specific needs, set goals and build the groundwork for meeting those goals. Small groups and larger group sessions are used to generalize skills and provide supported social interactions for individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Sat on the Rocks

Parent Training & Support/Sibling Education & Support

Caregivers of individuals with disabilities often find they lack the information and support they need to feel successful. At Clover, group settings are used to provide knowledge and connections. 

Wheat Field

Autism/ADHD services

Autism services include in-home or in-clinic consultation and treatment using Applied Behavior Analysis. ADHD services include consultation to design effective behavior intervention plans for any environment, including school, community or home. 


At Clover, we use Applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment to specifically target a person’s anxiety; therefore, therapy is individualized. This treatment uses experimentally established learning principles to determine the functional relation of the behavior, create a functional analysis, and develop viable treatment options.

Consulting Services

Consultaiton for problem behaviors in home, school, or community settings. Training and support for implementation of 

beahvior intervention plans.

IEP COnsultation/


Receive support with your child's IEP including full document review and options to attend meetings along side parents. 

School Behavior assessments/


Functional Behavior Assessment and behavior intervention plan writing available to school districts (including Independent Education Evaluations for Behavior). 

Emotion Regulation/


Individual and group sessions to develop skills related to emotions and coping. 

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